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Säule in der Nacht The CARLOS Network

CARLOS works together with an existing public transportation network. It complements and provides services where traditional forms of service are not viable:

  • at night, evenings or on weekends
  • in schedule gaps to make scheduled service denser
  • for cross-connections in the network
  • on new branch services

CARLOS essentially is expanded successively from the current public transportation hubs (train stations or bus stops). Whenever possible, CARLOS is operated by the same body as the scheduled bus service in the region.

CARLOS feeds more passengers into the public transportation system on the whole because riders find a better overall offering:

  • Public transportation is more convenient for passengers.
  • Service is always available.
  • There is a greater possibility of new riders.

Through the optimum use of vehicles and the CARLOS routes, public transportation operators can successively expand their offerings.