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CARLOS Ride-Sharing System

The CARLOS ride-sharing system is a complementary offering to support public transportation in regional and suburban areas. The system is designed to incorporate regional sub-destinations around public transportation hubs (train stations, bus stops) using CARLOS.

The CARLOS ride-sharing system is based on a network of CARLOS ride-sharing posts, which mark the locations where it is possible to board a private car. The posts have integrated ticket and destination indication machines. The destinations are defined according to what is regionally possible.

CARLOS is a spontaneous ride-sharing system and does not require signing up or registration. A multi-level safety system includes video surveillance, insurance protection, and a special key for women.

A CARLOS ride-sharing experience looks like this in practice:

  • Enter the destination at a CARLOS ride-sharing post (found in town centers or near train stations)

    Die Eingabe

  • Pay cash for the cost of the ride (Sfr 2.00). Transportation passes are recognized if so desired by the operator. A ticket is issued at the post.
  • The destination is clearly visible from the street.
  • The ticket is printed out at the post.

    Das Ticket

  • Ride-sharing is possible with anyone. For safety reasons, both the ride-sharer and the driver are recorded.

    Das Warten

  • The ticket is given to the driver picking up the ride-sharer. Ten tickets can be cashed in for Sfr 10.00 at gas stations or public transportation ticket offices.

    Die Übergabe