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CARLOS GmbH is a public mobility service provider. The basic product is CARLOS, a ride-sharing system that takes over the fine distribution in sparsely populated areas and during non-rush hour periods.

CARLOS GmbH offers a range of services from analysis to implementation:

  • Demonstrating operating structures and synergies in the transportation companies on-site.
  • Showing complementary or alternative operating solutions on the basis of your existing public transportation system.
  • Planning complementary ride-sharing networks on the basis of CARLOS technology.
  • Introducing a CARLOS program including additional communication and marketing aids.
  • Supporting a CARLOS operation through quality assurance and service packages.

CARLOS GmbH can now look back on over five years of experience in dealing with spontaneous ride-sharing systems and is considered one of the major innovators in this area.


Martin Beutler Paul Dominik Hasler Martin Wälti
Martin Beutler
Paul Dominik Hasler
Martin Wälti
MAS in arts management, managing director

engineer ETH NDS

traffic engineer SVI,
licensed building engineer HTL STV,
planning engineer FSU